Ministry is spiritually, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Demands are high, the days are long and the dynamics are complex.

Pastors bear too many burdens alone, empty themselves out and are swamped by stress. They risk losing hope and joy while facing chronic fatigue and frustration.

Fresh Hope empowers pastors and spouses to overcome the challenges that can wear them down and burn them out.

The Mission of Fresh Hope for Pastors

Is to equip church leaders with the necessary tools and support for a lifetime of fruitfulness even as they experience the professional and personal challenges of pastoral ministry. We are committed to nurturing the spiritual, relational, emotional, and mental well-being of church leaders and their loved ones, so they will enrich the vitality of their churches and ministries.

Retreats and Intensives

We host and facilitate high-impact retreats and weeklong intensives that focus on issues related to mental and emotional well-being as well as trauma. These opportunities serve a dual purpose of increasing emotional intelligence and improving the spiritual, emotional, mental and relational health of pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses.

Peer-to-Peer Support

We initiate online and in-person, facilitated cohort groups where pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses can take part in discussions designed to bring hope to those experiencing ministry-related stress, burnout, disappointment, anxiety, depression, etc. Empathy and encouragement within a group setting leads to greater longevity and fruitfulness in ministry.

Pastor-to-Pastor Coaching

Our peer coaches enter Pastor-to-Pastor and Spouse-to-Spouse relationships that address common concerns. Our team is made up of trained men and women who have faced the challenges of ministry. They are available to help individuals process their emotions, find perspective and discover a way forward that is hope-filled and gospel-centered.

Resources and Training

Fresh Hope for Pastors is part of the Fresh Hope Network. Fresh Hope has developed a proven process by which a church can address the growing emotional and mental health crisis. We offer a wide array of resources like podcasts, webinars, blogs and conferences. We utilize a combination of lived experience and expertise in order to raise awareness and train leaders.

Enriching the Vitality of the Church

Our approach is simple: we help evaluate your community's needs and your church's readiness to launch an emotional and mental health ministry. We equip lay leaders and educate congregants. We empower people to walk together in the hope of the gospel. We contribute to your church's mission and enrich the vitality of your church while relieving the burden placed upon pastors and ministry leaders.